Kobo for Android adds real-time page curl animation and improved comic book functionality

Kobo for Android has typically lagged behind its iOS counterpart for features and general polish, but that chain is slowly being chipped away at with a series of rapid iterative updates.

The latest version, 4.10, improves comic book reading with faster page turns and a smoother zooming experience. This should help tablet users take advantage of their devices’ maximum screen real estate, as comic books are becoming increasingly prevalent on mobile devices.

Also added, at least for Honeycomb users and above, is a real-time page curl animation that mimics that of a real book. Its absence was what was keeping me from using Kobo on Android full time, at least on a phone (yes, a small thing); the app still has a long way to go to rivalling Play Books on tablets.

Kobo’s Canadian-friendly store, alongside its excellent e-readers, was what attracted Japan’s largest e-retailer, Rakuten, to purchase the company in 2011. Kobo recently released its latest e-reader, Aura HD, which has a 6-inch high-res display and a faster processor. It also offers a competitively-priced Android tablet, Arc, which launched in November.

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