Rdio subscribers can now search by user and label in latest update for Android and iOS


Rdio for Android and iOS have both received identical updates today, bringing them to feature and design parity (though, in truth, the iOS version is still slightly nicer).

In addition to a newly-textured left-side navigation bar, subscribers to Rdio can search the database based on user or label. The former lets you more easily find friends and brands that use the music streaming service, while the latter allows you to filter music based on an entire company, a great way to discover new artists or bands.

Rdio has slowly been making inroads into the extremely competitive streaming music market. With Google releasing its own solution, Play Music All Access, and Apple rumoured to launch a similar model this year, is at an advantage thanks to a robust multi-platform strategy, an incredibly versatile API that was recently used in Twitter #music, an amazing design team (seriously, Rdio is gorgeous) and a general free trial period. While you do need a $9.99/month subscription to continue using it on mobile (there are apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone), you can listen for free on the web for up to six months. If you haven’t already tried Rdio, I’d encourage you to do so.

Download Rdio for Android and iOS.

Via: Rdio Blog