Shazam for iOS goes universal, adds background Auto Tagging and refreshed interface

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.10.25 PM

Shazam 6.0 has been released for iOS, creating a single universal app from two previously-disparate iPhone and iPad versions.

The new release adds an interesting feature called Auto Tagging, which will detect when music is playing in the background an automatically tag the artist and song. If that isn’t desirable, due to battery life concerns, the recognizable Shazam tagging logo is present on all screens in the app.

Shazam has also added a map to the app to show off the most popular tags in specific areas; you can drill down to your location and find which artists or songs are currently most popular.

The company is also expanding is TV tagging focus, and last month they integrated with Rdio to convert tags into full song plays. Shazam is pushing the second screen experience pretty hard, and with this latest version working in the background, it’s a constant reminder that, even when sitting on the couch watching TV or listening to an album, it wants to be a part of your day.

Download Shazam for iOS.

Via: TNW