Did you just buy a new phone? Tell us about it


Just bought a shiny new Galaxy S4? Showing off your sleek new HTC One? Holding it down with a BlackBerry Z10? Tapping away on a new Q10? Bucking the trend with a Sony Xperia ZL?

We know you love your phones, otherwise you wouldn’t put up with our blathering all week long. We also know you love talking about your new phones!

After having spent a bunch of time with these new releases, we’ve formed our own opinions, which you can read in our many recent reviews.

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allphones-3The problem with using so many phones in such a short period of time is that we forget how regular people use their devices. Most Canadians only have one device, and hold on to it for a year or longer. Because of this, there are issues that crop up over time that we never see, those minor annoyances that tend to grow in magnitude over the course of several months.

How are you finding the battery life on your new HTC One? Does TouchWIZ on the Galaxy S4 still grate you like it did on day one, or have you grown used to its quirks? How did the update to BlackBerry 10.1 change your impression of the BlackBerry 10?

Let us know all these things, and more, in the comments…