Google Chrome Beta 28 released for Android, brings in-house translation and speed boost

A day after bringing its native version to parity with the beta — and all the nice new features that come with it — Google has once again iterated Chrome beta for Android.

Now on base version 28, the same as the desktop browser, Chrome beta for Android brings in-house language translation to the table, so webpages in languages other than your native tongue will be prompted to be changed. This is a really handy feature that we’ve come to take for granted on the desktop side of things, so having it on mobile is truly great.

In this new version, tablet users will also benefit from the fullscreen browsing experience that phone users have been enjoying since the previous beta. There’s also a new bandwidth-saving feature that Google promises will save up to 50% of data usage on the average cellular connection. It does this by routing traffic through its SPDY proxy, compressing images and other content before sending it to the user. This was previously enabled only through the chrome://flags address, but has since been added to the main branch of Chrome for Android.

Download Chrome beta for Android.

Via: Chrome Releases