Google+ for iOS gets photo-centric update with Auto Enhance, highlights and cover photo support

During Google I/O, Google+ received a pretty substantial overhaul for both the web and Android. The major additions were photo-centric, with new editing features, an excellent Auto Enhance mode and, for the GIF lovers out there, something called Auto Awesome that stitches together a series of similar photos to create a short animation.

Today, that update has come to Google+ for iOS, complete with better organizational tools, the aforementioned Auto Enhance, highlights for particular sets of photos, and the ability to share “short animations and panoramas,” as the app description states.

Google+ Messenger has also been deprecated, replaced by a dedicated Hangouts app — going to the Messenger section will prompt you to download or open Hangouts — though the functionality still exists for some reason.

Also added to the app are hashtags, something else Google introduced during the keynote last week. Hashtags automatically tag your particular posts allowing you to search for more content based on similar themes.

Lastly, Google has added to ability to edit comments, copy a permalink and edit more profile fields including a user’s cover photo.

Download Google+ for iOS.

Via: Google+