Evernote for Android gains cross-platform Reminders in latest update

Screenshot_2013-06-06-11-17-26 Screenshot_2013-06-06-11-14-45

Evernote for Android is once again catching up to its iOS and web counterparts with a small update today that brings Reminders, the company’s most-requested feature ever.

Reminders, which encompasses time-based alarms as well as to-dos and context-sensitive notes, was recently added to the web, desktop and iOS versions of Evernote. The functionality syncs between devices and platforms and completes another piece of Evernote’s quest to be the best productivity suite on the market.

Reminders show up atop a user’s note list, so they’re always within view and easy to action. Because they’re seamlessly tied into the Notes functionality of Evernote, they can be used as short to-dos or built into longer works. I’ve been using the feature as a to-do app replacement on iOS, and it fits in very well to the overall workflow of the app. The Android functionality is a little clunky, by virtue of the sliding menu interface itself, but it works all the same.

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Via: Evernote Blog