Rogers survey reveals that 56% of Canadians watch TV in bed from their smarpthone or tablet


Rogers has once again released their quarterly “Rogers Innovation Report” and this time they’ve focussed on television. While most of the stats are traditional TV viewing, there’s also a growing trend that Canadians are watching their favourite programs on their smartphone or tablet.

Their survey was conducted between April 3rd and 8th of less than 1,275 Canadians. The results, from a mobile perspective, revealed that 42% watch TV shows on their smartphones, while 33% watch TV on their tablets – I personally would have thought tablet usage would be higher. Another interesting stat is that “multiscreen taskers” – people who use another device while watching TV – is at a whopping 61%. Coupled this with Twitter activity shows that 20% of Canadians read or Tweet while they are watching a show. 

In addition, Rogers notes that 76% of those who completed the survey watch content alone, 56% in bed and 47% when cooking. Check out the infographic below, or the link the full report here.

ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. - What Type of TV Viewer are You?