Samsung opens Ontario’s first walk-in Customer Service Centre in Mississauga


In the battle for retail dominance, Samsung understands it is at a huge disadvantage next to Apple’s well-oiled customer service machine. With 27 stores across Canada, the Cupertino-based giant offers walk-in “Genius” service to anyone, and repairs thousands of iPhones a year under warranty.

With Samsung’s rise to smartphone stardom in the last three years, the Korean company understood it needed to expand its physical presence in countries like Canada to avoid relying entirely on its carrier partners. Today, Samsung has opened its first Ontario-based walk-in customer service centre, located at the Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga.

Samsung Canada’s Director of Service, Frank Martino said, “Our Canadian consumers are telling us they want a direct relationship with the manufacturers creating the devices they can’t live without. Our walk-in service centres are an extension of our commitment to customer service excellence.”

The location will offer one-hour repair service and warranty support for all Samsung products, including phones and tablets. The one-hour repair is done at no extra charge, too, which is quite impressive.

Samsung also offers walk-in service centres in Montreal and Vancouver, as well as a retail location in Burnaby, B.C. The company wouldn’t say whether it will be opening a retail store in Ontario, but based on the way Samsung’s profile in Canada is headed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one in the next couple of years.