WhatsApp Hits 250 Million Active Users


Cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp has always been more than happy to talk numbers when it comes to how many messages its users are sending. Last Fall, the company revealed its servers were sending 10 billion messages a day. Just last week, the company revealed that it had hit a new record with 27 billion messages processed in a single 24-hour period.

Those numbers are impressive, but it’s difficult to put them into context without knowing how many people are sending them. WhatsApp said in April that it had 200 million users — but how fast is that number growing?

The Wall Street Journal cited a WhatsApp executive saying the servie now has 250 million monthly users. That’s active users, or the number of people using the service on a (presumably) regular basis, as opposed to those that download the app and decide they’d actually rather use Kik, Viber, BBM, iMessage, or any of the other messaging applications available today.

To put it in perspective, Twitter said in a blog post published in February that it has over 200 million active users and they send 400 million Tweets each day.

WhatsApp is currently available for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Source: WSJ