“TELUS Neighbourhood” is TELUS’ new community forum

Building a community is a good way to build a strong brand. Many Canadian carriers have gone the route of establishing a forum where customers can ask various wireless related questions – Rogers, SaskTel and WIND Mobile have all done this… now TELUS is joining the group.

TELUS has over 7.7 million wireless subscribers and the ‘TELUS Neighbourhood’ is a community where customers can engage in conversation, share knowledge, ask questions, get answers – and of course rant – about TELUS products and services. The forum is moderated by TELUS reps, but they want to “create an active and engaged community of users who exchange ideas.” Similar to all the other forums on the web, TELUS’ is broken down into specific topics such as devices (Apple, Android, BlackBerry), or Account and Billing.

Check it out here at TELUS