Vine for Android gets front-facing camera support, upload manager and more speed improvements

That’s more like it!

Vine for Android has been updated with front-facing camera support, an upload manager for multiple videos and speed improvements, with support for more devices, in an effort to reach feature parity with its iPhone counterpart.

While Vine for Android debuted months after the iPhone version, and in its first incarnation was barely usable, now at version 1.2 the software is showing signs of life. Twitter, who owns Vine, promised rapid updates to the service, and they certainly weren’t lying.

Instagram unveiled its own video sharing feature last week, and Vine for Android was promptly updated in response with huge speed improvements and new sharing options. Today’s update narrows the gap even further by offering front-facing camera support, something that only recently came to the iPhone as well, and a host of newly supported devices.

Overall, Vine for Android feels more polished, stable and usable, and video rendering speeds have improved even more, though they’re still generally slower than on the iPhone.

Download Vine for Android here

Via: Engadget