HTC One Google Edition ROM available for rooted users

_ROM__m7ul_Stock_Android_4.2.2_Google_Play_Edition_-_Rooted_Busybox_Odexed__6_28_13__-_xda-developersIf you’re an HTC One owner and are not entirely enthused by the Sense 5.0 experience, especially since it runs atop older Jelly Bean software, you’re in luck.

A flashable version of the HTC One Google Edition is now available to download, and it appears to mimic the experience that U.S. buyers will have when their phones begin arriving on July 9th. The ROM was built from a system dump uploaded by Android Central’s Jerry Hildenbrand and has been altered slightly to be compatible with all HTC One models, but is otherwise unchanged.

This means that you’ll be running a fairly stock version of Android 4.2.2 with all the fixins — or lack thereof — that come with it. Notable improvements include lockscreen widgets and Photosphere, along with an improved stock camera app.

You’ll have to already have an unlocked bootloader and/or S-OFF, and a custom recovery, along with the know-how to install it.

If you’re interested, head to XDA-Developers and get downloading.