TELUS warns of a “surge in a common phone scam” in Alberta and British Columbia

Scammer and trolls of your personal info are on the attack. TELUS has issued a warning to their customers that there’s a “surge in a common phone scam” targeting wireless and landline customers (home phone and businesses) in B.C. and Alberta.

TELUS stated that the fraudsters will hijack, also known as ‘spoofing,’ your caller ID and make it look like the number is from a reputable and legitimate business, but in reality it’s not. On the other end of the line is someone claiming that you’ve won a special prize and all you have to do is hand over your personal info and credit card details. Don’t. It’s bogus.

If you’re unsure if the call is legitimate, TELUS recommends you ask the representative for a number to call them back.

Source: CNW
Image: ToonHole