Nokia Lumia 1020 name confirmed, will sport 2GB of RAM and be available in yellow, white and black


As we prepare for Thursday’s announcement of the Lumia 1020, whose name was confirmed today by a couple of Flickr photos posted by Windows Phone head, Joe Belfiore, we are running out of things to expose about the 41MP smartphone.

As we know, it will look like the Lumia 920 on the front, but will have a 41MP camera sensor, Carl Zeiss optics lens and Xenon flash on the back. Windows Phone Central has a few more tidbits to share before the official release date, and they’re quite juicy.

The Lumia 1020 will have optical image stabilization, so extra-dark shots will stay blur-free and truer to life. This is an upgrade from the mechanism in the PureView 808, which had the same sensor but lacked OIS. The device will also be able to take photos at both 32MP and 5MP at the same time in 16:9, and there will be 7:1 oversampling when converting higher-res photos down to manageable sizes. Photos taken at the native aspect ratio of 4:3 will be 38 megapixels.

It will sport 32GB of internal storage and, thankfully, 2GB of RAM, likely to help quickly offload those high-resolution images. And, like other devices shipping with the “Amber” GDR2 update, the Lumia 1020 will support FM radio and flip-to-silence, two features that will hopefully come to older WP8 devices.

As rumoured, there will be a special “Pro Camera” app exclusive to Lumia devices that will allow Lumia 1020 owners to change white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed and flash settings. This is sounding more and more like a regular camera every day.

Source: Windows Phone Central