Twitter for iOS and Android gain direct message syncing and improved search

Photo 7-8-2013, 1 48 06 PM Photo 7-8-2013, 1 49 26 PM

Twitter has performed a “coordinated update for seven different apps,” including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Tweetdeck, and, each one adding a long-requested feature: Direct Message syncing.

This means that if you read a DM on one device, its status will synchronize across all devices; you won’t have to worry about “mark all as read” ever again. Well, at least not with direct messages.

Also improved across platforms is search, which brings more complete user biographies with certain queries. This will serve Twitter’s purpose of encouraging users to follow companies and brands, which subsequently show up in Promoted Tweets. You can also receive alerts when Tweets are produced based on a particular query. For example, Twitter uses the example of ‘MLB’ which will generate results for the brand itself and many of the top players and commentators associated with Major League Baseball.

Twitter for iPhone has received a particularly cool feature, the ability to update in-line from the conversation view. As you can see above, when entering the conversation view, you no longer have to press reply; it just adds the parties involved and places a cursor after the last name, so you can easily carry a conversation. No word on why this wasn’t added to the Android version, but we’re sure it’s coming.

Download Twitter for iOS and Android.

Via: Twitter Blog