Instagram adds web embedding feature for photos and videos

Instagram has activated one of its most-requested features among the 130 million active users it caters to every day.

Even though the service offers a web interface on which users can interact with photos and videos, there has previously been no way to take that media and place it elsewhere on the web. Today, with the addition of web embedding for photos and videos, users and browsers alike can tap on a small “share” button to the right of the image or video and place the content safely on a blog or other web page.

Twitter users could previous see Instagram photos in its native Cards view, but the two companies fell out over the integration and Instagram removed access to its API.

There’s a help page for users to learn how to use the new feature. This feature comes weeks after Vine added the ability to embed its six-second videos, and days after the re-vining was added to the iPhone app.

Source: Instagram Blog