Video: Moto X apparently gets filmed through Google Glass during an intimate media event

Motorola’s new flagship device has been heavily leaked over the past number of weeks. This will reportedly have a half-billion dollar marketing budget behind it and bring customers various levels of customization – everything from the colour to engraving features.

Motorola said the Moto X will be available this summer, but there’s been no firm date yet. A document we posted showed an August release. Based on an intimate media event and the device signup page, rumours pinpointed Motorola to unveil the Moto X on July 11th. Unfortunately Motorola quickly squashed any knowledge and denied its truth.

However a Google+ post by Robert Scoble shows otherwise, noting that “Tonight I was at a certain technology company (you might recognize it, except we weren’t supposed to share anything about what we were doing there) and someone handed +Daria Musk a really out-of-tune low-cost guitar. So I started shooting with Glass and this is what happened.”

The complete video is just over 4 minutes and looked like a lovely night. The small gathering of tech influencers included Guy Kawasaki (Motorola’s adviser), Leo Laporte, Lisa Kentzell, Ben Parr and Mike Elgan. While musician Daria Musk provided the entertainment, Scoble captured everything by Google Glass, including Rick Osterloh, SVP for Product Management at Motorola, joyfully using the Moto X.

By now the design of the Moto X is no secret. We just need the official specs, pricing and availability.

Source: Android Authority
Via: Google+