Verizon once again confirms interest in Canada, but says ‘This is really an exploratory exercise for us’

Massive US-based carrier Verizon announced their Q2 results today and accumulated an impressive $2.25 billion in profit, 941,000 wireless subscribers, up 6.6% over last year, which brought its total to a mind-boggling 100.1 million postpaid subs.

During the conference call, Verizon’s CFO Francis Shammo, once again expressed interest in setting up shop in Canada. Previous indications were that they Verizon has opened up initial discussions with both struggling wireless carrier Mobilicity, plus has reportedly made other new entrant WIND Mobile a $700-million offer. From his comments, Shammo doesn’t seem to be in any rush. Which might be unsettling news for Mobilicty. He stated that “This is really an exploratory exercise for us… We continue to just look at this market. We continue to explore and have discussions.”

Mobilicity currently has 250,000 subscribers and WIND Mobile has surpassed the 600,000 mark.
Source: Globe