HTC reorganizes its North American division, launches team to focus on emerging products


HTC has begun to emerge from the darkness of its recent disappointing quarters, rejigging the North American executive team and creating a division to focus on emerging devices.

The company is in a transition period of its own making after several disgruntled executives departed in May right after the release of the One, HTC’s most important smartphone to date.

The new North American division will be headed by Jason Mackenzie, a long-time sales leader for the company. He’s also the man behind HTC’s “quietly brilliant” press conferences, and brings a relatively familiar face to the table.

Mike Woodward, former President of HTC North America, will head up an emerging products division to focus on new devices and up-and-coming technologies. HTC, despite its run of bad luck and poor sales, has traditionally been an innovator in design, materials and implementation, and the HTC One boasts a number of these advances. While the One has been overshadowed somewhat by Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which has the muscle of a marketing campaign the size of a small country’s GDP, HTC continues to fight the good fight.

The HTC One, and the newly-announced One Mini, has not stemmed the contraction of revenue and profits, despite being successful products. The company made just $41 million profit last quarter, down 85% from the same period a year ago.

Source: WSJ