Fido to implement new pricing and 2-year contracts on August 9th

Last night we let you know that Rogers will be implementing their 2-year contract and new price plans on August 9th. Fido has been offering 2-year contracts for some time on most of their devices, but this is the date they’ll also adjust their structure across the board.

According to an internal doc we received it shows that “Our customers love the value offered with Tab24 in our Standard and Smart categories. We’re pleased to announce that we are soon extending 2-year Tab24 advantages to the Max category. As of August 9, 2013, Premium Smartphone customers can sign onto a Max plan with a 2-year Tab24 agreement and get Fido’s best available savings on the device they love. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of Tab24, without paying any extra monthly Tab fees.”

Fido will bring their basic Standard plan up by $5 to $30 per month, but others in this category stay the same price at $35 (minutes jump to 300 per month) and $50 per month. The Smart Plans and Max Plans basically stay the same price, but cut down in certain areas of minutes or data. All Fido plans include Canada-wide calling, unlimited messaging, call display & voice mail, unlimited evening and weekends, unlimited circle calling.

As for the hardware pricing, depending on which phone you’re looking for will depend on the price plan. The iPhone is considered a “Premium Smartphone” and can only be activated on a Max plan, but something like the LG Nexus 4 can be hooked onto the Smart Plan. The doc also noted that “FidoDOLLARS and FidoTRADE are still available with no changes to their current business rules.”

Surely more info will be unveiled closer to August 9th.