Google releases official AdSense app for Android phones

Google_AdSense_-_Android_Apps_on_Google_Play-2 Google_AdSense_-_Android_Apps_on_Google_Play

After many years of dealing with third-party alternatives, Google has finally released an official app for AdSense, its targeted ad network for individual websites and businesses. You’ve no doubt clicked, accidentally or otherwise, on an AdSense ad since 2003, which has grown to one of the world’s largest digital platforms on the web.

The Android app is quite sparse, but is extremely usable, allowing users with a Google or Google Apps account to access their reporting, such as earnings information and top URL destinations.

The app isn’t compatible with all devices, including the Nexus 7 and Galaxy S4, but Google says it is working on expanding support for AdSense on Android.

Via: 9to5Google