Rogers piloting mobile bill payment portal with select customers in Ontario

rogersbill-1-2 rogersbill-2

Rogers has begun sending out text messages to a small number of Ontario-based customers asking them to participate in a mobile billing and payment pilot project. Operated by BriteBill, users have the opportunity to visit a webpage on the Rogers network, authenticated with a MyRogers account, and see a breakdown of their services and usage, similar to what you’d find in the MyAccount app.

We recently began a pilot program with some customers in Ontario testing mobile-optimized billing, so customers can check their bill anytime, anywhere. Our customers have been asking for a mobile-bill option, and we’ve listened to that feedback. We’re excited to have our customers involved in this pilot in order to help us optimize our billing experience to best suit their needs.

According to a tester who wished to remain anonymous, Rogers is still tweaking the service and working out a few outstanding bugs, but is otherwise fully functional. No word on if or when the rollout will widen to the rest of Canada, it looks like Rogers is trying to offer customers every possible way to pay their bills.

(Thanks tipster!)