HTC teases “Big Things Ahead” to steal Samsung’s spotlight


HTC is teasing some “big things ahead” on the day Samsung asks us to “note the date.” The company is poised to announce its HTC One Max, which leaked earlier, in the near future, a 5.9-inch Galaxy Note competitor that is expected to have high-end specs and a vivid 1080p display.

There is no doubt the company needs a hit, as even though the HTC One has been acclaimed around the world, and has sold fairly well, the company’s stock and balance sheet are hurting. Last quarter, HTC barely made a profit, and is warning of a loss for the coming three months ending September 30th.

Though the HTC One Mini was recently announced, it’s unlikely to reach beyond Europe and Asia; North America’s hunger for big-screen phones has somewhat dampened the allure of mid-range devices. The HTC One Max, if it is so called, will be much more likely to take off in Canada and the US.

Whether HTC has any other tricks up its sleeve remains to be seen; the One Mini was a pared-down version of the One, with slower hardware and the same UltraPixel camera, but the Max will need to be more than just a bigger version of the flagship. Samsung’s Galaxy Note differentiates itself from the Galaxy S line by incorporating the S Pen and focusing on the business market as a result.

Source: Vine