Rogers launches handset trade-in program powered by Clover Wireless

Rogers has joined the handset trade-in game, hoping to entice new and existing customers to make a little bit of dough from an old or unused handset before purchasing a new one. With the recent launch of 2-year contracts, upfront smartphone costs have increased marginally, so any amount, in the form of a down payment, goes a long way to seeing that day one cost slide.

The trade-in arrangement is powered by California-based Clover Wireless, and if the company sounds familiar it’s because they also facilitated the HTC One $100 trade-in program earlier this year.

Rogers is the last of the Big Three carriers to enact a trade-in program — TELUS and Bell both launched similar offers in 2012 — though subsidiary Fido already has one in place. Devices must be in working order, with a crack-free, working touchscreen, and will be factory reset in-store to ensure privacy is maintained.

Available to both new and existing customers, the latter will receive the trade-in credit on the second or third bill after redemption.

Scanning through the list of prices, the top device, a 64GB iPhone 5, will receive $255 in trade-in credits, while the Galaxy S3 nets $175. Considering the prices are so low in many cases, it may be a safer bet to sell your handset beforehand and put the likely-larger sum towards a new handset.

If you do decide to use the trade-in program, quotes are good for 30 days.

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