Best-in-class iOS game BADLAND coming soon to BlackBerry 10 and Android

One of the best games for iOS is coming to Android and, in a surprising turn, BlackBerry 10.

BADLAND is a game in which you play one, or many, fat black floaty things as you wend your way through dangerous and potentially deadly environments. The game employs a one-touch mechanic in which you hold the screen to float and let it go to drop. But that simplicity belies a challenging experience that creeps up on you as the levels tick upwards.

The game was given away for free recently as part a recent App Store celebration, and has been downloaded over seven million times. That it is coming to Android and BlackBerry 10 will likely further its success, though it remains to be seen how many Android users are willing to stomach the $3.99 price point.

The iOS version is currently on sale for $1.99, and has just added multiplayer action in addition to new levels.

No word on when the games will arrive on the new platforms, but developer Frogmind says “soon.”