Update: LG to release a 6-inch curved smartphone in November

LG is expected to introduce a smartphone with a curved display later this month, then mass produce and release it sometime in November. The name of the LG curved smartphone is currently pegged as being called the ‘G Flex.’

As for a launch day, Reuters sources who are ‘familiar with the matter’ believe that LG plans to launch this curved phablet in November – will most likely hit Korea first, then roll out to other countries. There’s no indication on the OS, but it’s safe that LG will continue to use Google’s Android OS. The report also notes that unlike rival Samsung, LG will come to market with a plastic OLED (POLED) display that is curved from top to bottom, not side to side.

Update: LG has just issued a press release and declared that the will introduce the world’s ‘First Flexible OLED Panel for Smartphones. LG notes that the ‘OLED panel is built on plastic substrates instead of glass’ and that they ‘made the panel bendable and unbreakable.’

In addition, as expected, the display is ‘vertically concave from top to bottom with a radius of 700mm, opening up a world of design innovations in the smartphone market. And only 0.44mm thin, LG Display’s flexible OLED panel is the world’s slimmest among existing mobile device panels… it is also the world’s lightest, weighing a mere 7.2g even with a 6-inch screen, the largest among current smartphone OLED displays.’

Source: Reuters, LG