theScore for Android gains Top News section and a subtle redesign

A contender for the best sports app on the Google Play Store, theScore, has been updated with a few tasty features.

theScore 3.5 adds a Top News section, something that arrived on iOS in August.

Users can check out a photo-centric stream of news from different leagues, all of which has been curated by the editorial team in chronological order. A story with new content will have it appended to the top, while the earlier news will appear below, much like an intra-stream of sorts.

The app has also been subtly redesigned, with a better, cleaner font and better navigation. theScore was one of the first Android apps to adopt the slide-from-the-left-from-anywhere navigation scheme, and it’s become one of the mainstays of the Android ecosystem since.

With the start of the NHL and NBA seasons, not to mention the increased competition in the NFL and the upcoming MLB playoffs, I think this app is going to get a lot of, ahem, play in the coming months.

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