Pizza Pizza launches Android app, promises app-only specials

Pizza Pizza is one of Ontario’s most well-known and, depending on the year, most well-loved pizza franchises. While gourmet Neapolitan pies cater to those willing to wait, Pizza Pizza has perfected the lazy man’s ordering experience.

The company has emerged with an Android app to expand its mobile footprint, having launched on iOS in early 2011. The Google-compatible version looks nearly identical to Pizza Pizza’s latest iOS overhaul, which means that it’s more functional than beautiful, but most of the excellent web-based ordering experience translates to mobile.

Users can choose one many specials or start from plain cheese and add toppings at will. Multiple addresses means there is no need to enter a new destination every time, and customers can peak at the delivery counter — 40 minutes or free! — to ensure the pie arrives on time.

To avoid the front door change counting, Pizza Pizza allows users to pay via credit card within the app itself, and favourite orders can be saved for use a second (or third, or tenth) time.

Finally, Pizza Pizza offers coupon redemption and app-only specials, so Android users can take advantage of discounts that may not be available to the general public.

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