Rogers refreshes U.S. roaming packages, doubles voice and data on some plans

Rogers is back in the roaming news today, updating its U.S. roaming rates for 30-day packages.

By default, users travelling to the States without a plan will be automatically subscribed to the existing$7.99/50MB data travel pack. The new plans increase voice and data pools, doubling them in some cases from the previous offerings.

This comes after Roam Mobility recently dropped the prices of its own U.S. roaming packages, though Rogers users will connect to AT&T’s LTE network where it’s available, while Roam is limited to T-Mobile’s slower HSPA+ network.

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As you can see, the $40 Small Talk, Text & Internet fee now provides 50 minutes of voice and 200MB of data, as well as unlimited incoming and outgoing texts. The $80 bundle doubles the voice minutes to 100 and provides 500MB of data.

Now, it’s always possible to use the $8/day data-only plan with One Number Smartphone, which connects to the data network to route incoming calls and texts to users, and facilitates outgoing calls from your local number. While the Android and iPhone versions are less than reliable at the moment, they’re still a good choice for users looking to make a limited number of calls without spending extra money on a roaming package.

If you want to add a roaming plan to your phone, even while already in the U.S., you can text TRAVEL to 7626 or visit from your smartphone; both of these are free and do not use data, even while abroad.