GO Transit expands Quiet Zone pilot to all rush hour trains

GO Transit implemented a pilot program back in July that saw a “Quiet Zone” arrive on the Barrie GO line. This allowed passengers to “enjoy the silence” by muting their electronic devices — cell phones, tablets and laptops — while riding the train.

Today, GO Transit announced that the program has been extended to all rush hour trains on the entire upper level. This includes all trains arriving and departing from Union Station before 9:30am and all trains leaving and arriving at Union Station between 3:00pm and 7:30pm (Monday to Friday).

GO stated, “We realize that the Quiet Zone won’t always be silent – announcements will still need to be made, people will have quiet conversations and cell phones may ring – but we and your fellow passengers in the Quiet Zone ask that any noise is kept low and brief for everyone’s comfort.”

Source: GO Transit