TELUS unveils the ‘Device Price Match Promise’

Update: TELUS has officially launched their “Device Match Promise.” This is available “is available only for smartphones you activate or renew with TELUS on a 2 year term.” More details are below, or on TELUS site here.

Canada’s second largest wireless carrier is getting serious this holiday season. TELUS just announced it’s new T-UP! upgrade program for iPhones, plus coming “next week” are plans to introduce the “Device Price Match Promise.” This is similar to what Rogers launched back in April.

According to the internal doc we received, the “Device Price Match Promise enables TELUS to respond quickly in a rapidly changing market by empowering stores to match the device prices (before tax) of our competitors. All a customer has to do is bring in a competitor’s ad showing a lower price for a smartphone available at TELUS, and we’ll match it. The discount is offered as a bill credit, and exclusively applies to device pricing or the value of a prepaid credit card bonus gift (ex. Visa or Mastercard gift card).”

There’s some fine print.

If a customer brings a flyer into a TELUS store that shows a competitors lower 2-year price the TELUS rep can instantly reduce the price, but the device must be the same colour, memory size, and the offer must be current and in the same province. So if you live in Ontario and see something in Quebec that’s invalid.

The eligible flyers are all print ads, in-store collateral/merchandising, email flyers, photos of in-store or out of home advertising, or printed screenshots of competitors’ web sites… Hand written flyers are not eligible.

In addition, another bonus to this “Device Price Match Promise” extends to prepaid cards. The doc gives this example: “A customer comes in with a competitor’s flyer that advertises a $0 device (selling for $79 at TELUS) as well as a $50 bonus MasterCard prepaid card. *Price match extends to cash-equivalent gift cards (ex. Visa/ Mastercard prepaid cards) NOT store specific gift cards.”

This is a good move by TELUS, especially with all the upcoming holiday sales and promos.

More soon…
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