Bell debuts Travel Data Pass with roaming caps, reduces prices in Europe, China

Bell is taking the enforcement of the Wireless Code of Conduct to introduce a new Travel Data Pass for mobile roaming.

With the new $100 international data roaming caps, and the requirement for WPS’s to inform customers when they’ve hit a certain cost — in the case of Bell’s new Pass, $25.

The Travel Data Pass can be applied, either before or during a trip, from the Bell Self Serve app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Customers will get a text message when they’ve reached $25 data usage and when they’ve reached $100, which is the limit.

The announcement today also notes that prices have been dropped in many “Zone 1” countries, including China, Mexico, Turkey, Australia, UK, France, Italy, and many others. For example, a $30 Travel Data Pass gets 50MB for 30 days; a $100 Data Pass gets 200MB for 30 days. The price was previously $75 for 100MB (compared to $60 now, if you add up two $30 Passes).

It’s still a lot of money, but prices are dropping, which is good. Bell recently dropped roaming prices to the Caribbean and the United States, too, in an effort to close the gap on Rogers and, to a lesser extent, Roam Mobility.