Fitbit Beta for Android brings wireless sync to Nexus devices, LG G2 and HTC One

With the release of the new Force band, Fitbit is expanding its traditionally-shallow Android reach to include more devices.

The fitness and sleep tracking app, which works with the $99 Flex and $129 Force bands, has only been compatible with select Samsung devices thus far, including the GS3, GS4 and Note 2. In the latest release, along with a nice design refresh and improvements to the weight and sleep sections of the app, Fitbit has introduced support for the LG G2 and HTC One (running Android 4.3 and above).

But Fitbit is not stopping there: the company has a new Android beta, which brings wireless syncing support for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) and the Nexus 5, as long as they’re running Android 4.3 and above (which they all should be by now).

The Flex and Force bands, along with the $99 One tracker, use Bluetooth 4.0 to sync between device and phone, and until recently Android lacked a unified Bluetooth stack with which developers could work. Android 4.3 introduced a Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth LE standard, and Fitbit is working with manufacturers like LG, still running older versions of Android, to bring support to other devices.

While iOS 7 still provides the best experience for Fitbit owners, at least the company is righting the ship, as Android has become a sizeable portion of its user base.

Would-be Nexus testers must apply to join the Google Group before gaining access to the beta version, but the functionality should expand to the standard version in the weeks ahead.

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