HMV Canada partners with 7Digital and Soundhound to launch iOS and Android companion apps

HMV Canada, the independently-owned former offshoot of HMV UK Inc., has re-launched its digital music store along with two brand new companion apps for iOS and Android.

The company has teamed with 7Digital, itself once partially owned by HMV UK, to power its cloud music service, so if you have existing 7Digital content, it will be available to you once you log into the app. The iOS and Android apps are fairly sparse but usable, and boast a couple unique features to boot: using Soundhound’s API, customers can listen to track snippets and, on iOS, hear 30-second previews courtesy of iTunes, and on Android choose to purchase the song through HMV’s digital store. Any purchases made on the web store will automatically appear, through the cloud, on both iOS and Android. Users can also take photos of a CD cover to search for that album in the store.


Apple’s store integration limitations — developers cannot integrate third-party content stores directly in the app unless it is sold as a subscription — make the iOS companion less useful than its Android counterpart, but they both work as competent music players and should treat existing HMV Digital customers well.

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