Please don’t leave a message: Gmail for Android now has a Vacation Responder

Earlier this year, Google debuted a great new design for Gmail on Android, and has been slowly approaching feature parity with the desktop version.

In an update rolling out today, Google has added a few more features that should prevent many users from turning to the web for certain tasks. Specifically, Gmail 4.7 includes a Vacation Responder for when you’re away and don’t want to be bothered. It’s possible to set a start and end time, as well as a Subject and optional Message, and it’s easy to switch it on and off with one tap.

For Android 4.4 users, the new Gmail version also supports cloud printing with supported hardware, and allows users to select one specific message or the whole conversation.

Finally, Gmail users can save .zip files, something we’ve been waiting for since 2010. While Gmail doesn’t open the ZIP itself, it will allow saving it to the Downloads folder for another file manager to interact with. It’s not pretty, but it works.

As usual, Gmail 4.7 is a staged rollout, and unless you want to find and sideload the APK, you’ll have to wait your turn.

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