Motorola brings focus and exposure bracketing to Moto G in latest camera update

If you’ve been waiting for Motorola to further improve the camera experience on the Moto G (and, soon, the Moto X), your wishes have been fulfilled.

The company released an update to the Moto G camera app, which it made available on Google Play earlier this year, that brings one-touch exposure and focus bracketing. The regular behaviour in the app is to quickly take a photo with a single tap of the screen and, previously, it was possible to tap anywhere on the screen to focus (and presumably set exposure) before taking the shot. Now, that same setting allows users to drag the bracket around the screen, finding an optimal scenario for lighting.

While this isn’t quite as good as I hoped — when I read the initial changelog, I thought the brackets were separated, like in Camera+ for iOS — but this is a great change nonetheless.

The other main change to the app is the locking of exposure during a panorama, which fixes the issue of parts of the photo being over- or underexposed in the final product when lighting is inconsistent.

If you’re rocking a Moto G, check out the changes and let us know if they’re for the better. Moto X users will have to wait until their devices are updated to Android 4.4, unfortunately.

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