Sony Xperia Tablet Z Android 4.3 update now available through PC Companion app

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z has been around for nearly a year, but that doesn’t mean its creators have forgotten about it.

According to reports by Xperia Blog, Sony has made an update to Android 4.3 available for the SGP312 WiFi model, coming in at 793MB. Though it won’t appease users waiting for KitKat, it goes a long way to improving the overall OS performance while adding a few neat features.

Specifically, a new launcher adds faster access to Small Apps, and the new OS version brings multi-user support through Restricted Profiles.

Sony has made the update available only through PC Companion (which is, thankfully, also available for OS X), so don’t expect an OTA update.

Xperia-Tablet-Z-Wi-Fi_Android-4.3_3 Xperia-Tablet-Z-Wi-Fi_Android-4.3_1-640x478[source]Xperia Blog[/source]