LG Lifeband Touch leaks online

At CES 2013 LG had their “Smart Activity Tracker” on display. This was a wearable bracelet that resembled the Nike Fuel Band and tracked your movements (walking, running, dancing, jogging). The band connected to an app called Fitness Fan, which was compatible with Android and iOS, to count your calories, distance, speed and time. In addition, the display showed your missed calls, texts and also acted as a media player to view or change your music (battery life was pegged at 3 days). A year ago LG said the release date was pegged for the Summer of 2013, but that clearly didn’t happen.

It looks like LG is on deck to officially announce their new activity tracker at CES 2014. Reputable device leaker evLeaks has revealed the “LG Lifeband Touch.” The design is similar to the Smart Activity Tracker, but more like the Fitbit Force. The details of what the Lifeband Touch does is still unknown, but it’ll probably have the same features as the Smart Activity Tracker, with an improved design, battery life and touchscreen screen.

Source: evLeaks