Industry Minister declares the 2500 MHz spectrum auction will begin on April 14th, 2015

James Moore, Canada’s Minister of Industry, promised he would announce some wireless news today, declaring that the “Canadians have been very clear… they want us to take action.”

While there was speculation about reducing the cost of wireless access, the Minister instead announced that the 2500Mhz spectrum auction is set to begin April 14th, 2015. Those interested in participating have to submit their application on or before November 27th, 2014.

The Minister stated that he intends the auction to bring more choice and lower prices to Canadians and will use the same combinatorial clock auction format as the upcoming 700Mhz auction. In the press release, Moore focused on “fostering competition among wireless providers” and that “today’s announcement means Canadian consumers in urban and rural areas will soon benefit from the deployment of advanced mobile and broadband services across the country, which will lead to better, faster Internet services on the latest technologies. The rules for this auction, like those for the upcoming 700Mhz auction, were designed to support more choice in our wireless market while putting the interests of consumers first.”

Moore also stated the 2500Mhz auction will include “spectrum caps to ensure that four or more providers have the opportunity to access 2500 MHz spectrum, thus fostering competition.” In addition it will, “[provide] more opportunity for rural Internet service providers to participate in this auction.”

Source: Marketwired