Windows Phone’s best developer introduces unofficial Tinder app

Rudy Huyn, the first-class developer behind 6tag, 6snap and 6sec — Instagram, Snapchat and Vine apps respectively — for Windows Phone, has unveiled his newest creation today, 6tindr.

The app is the first to offer a fully-fledged Tinder experience on Microsoft’s mobile platform, which should be encouraging news to Windows Phone users jealous of their iOS and Android peers. Tinder is a hybrid social network/hookup service that lets users swipe one way to “like” a person and another way to “dismiss” him or her. If two people separately like one another’s profiles, the app opens up a communication channel. Usage is anonymous until a match is made, so dismissing a person is akin to swiping through a Facebook photo.

Back in November, when they launched version 3.0, Tinder was seeing 400 million swipes every day, matching over four million people. The company hasn’t talked about a Windows Phone app before, and it’s unclear whether, like Instagram, Huyn’s 6tindr is using a reverse-engineered API which could be shut down, but he’s yet to experience a closure to date.

6tindr is a free download, and is reportedly feature par with its iOS and Android counterparts.

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