Recon Jet heads to production, shows off software enhancements in latest build

Recon Jet customers got some good news in their inboxe last week from CEO Dan Eisenhardt. The note confirmed that Jet’s design and hardware engineering are now complete and Recon Instruments has officially green-lit the ramping of production.

Recon had previously delayed shipping of its smart glasses for cyclists from the end of last year to some time this spring. This update confirmed that near-final units are currently in field testing with “favourable preliminary results”.  We received a sneak peek of the re-designed Recon Jet at CES, and it looks well worth the wait.


Eisenhardt also gave details on the software side of Jet. The ReconOS, currently being used in more than 50,000 Snow products, is being leveraged as a foundation to operate the cycling experience. The email included  screenshots of the Recon Jet UI design showing cycling stats and notifications.


In addition, Eisenhardt showed off a new look for their web and mobile experience platform, Recon Engage, which is being expanded to include multi-sport functionality.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.54.01 AM

There is still no word on an exact shipping date but Jet is on track for late Spring. Eisenhardt ended his email by promising that he will get back to those that pre-ordered with a “firm date for delivery as soon as we have completed production scheduling.”