Quebec-based ChronoMetriq helps reduce patient wait times at doctors’ offices, will send you a text for $3

A Quebec-based company called ChronoMetriq aims to help everyday Canadians “claim your freedom.” The company has developed and installed the “ChronoMetriq kiosk” in several reception areas in the Montreal area and state the “average time saved” by their clients is a huge 194 minutes (3 hours 14 minutes).

When you arrive at your doctors and register with ChronoMetriq (which takes approximately 45 seconds), pay the $3 charge you then can “go home, to work, go shopping, etc.” ChronoMetriq’s “Smart Wait” app — available to all mobile devices — will inform you via text message of where you are in the patient queue: 10, 5, and 2 patients before your turn.

As for expanding into Ontario, ChronoMetriq is reportedly in talks with clinics in both Toronto and Ottawa, but they have not been given the go-ahead from the Ontario Ministry of Health. Marlene Riviere, president of the Ontario Health Coalition, said, “So someone’s figured out how to make a buck helping you feel less bad having to wait, but it doesn’t do anything to improve access to care.”

This isn’t the first time a company has decided to walk down this path. MDCM walk-in clinic, also in Montreal, implemented a phone service in April of 2012 where people can get notified via text or voicemail for $3 of when a doctor will see them.

Source: ChronoMatriq
Via: CBC, Twitter