Samsung patent filing shows buttonless device and possible placement of the fingerprint sensor

Samsung’s latest patent filing number is D0697886 and all the usual ports, cameras, flash and volume buttons are there. However, with this design, if it sees the light of day, has a couple notable elements.

First, the lack of the physical home button that appears on many Samsung smartphones is missing. This omission also appeared on another Samsung patent a few weeks ago and might be a new direction the company is heading towards. Next is the back of the device, which shows the camera, flash, speaker and unique cutout — this could possibly may be the heavily rumoured Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor. For the right handed user this positioning is perfect as the sensor would be in direct contact and your index finger would easily swipe and activate.

Of course, until Samsung announces the GS5 all this is simply speculation.

Source: USTPO
Via: SammyToday