Bell Let’s Talk Day: 109,451,718 calls, texts, tweets and Facebook shares for a record donation of $5,472,585.90


Yesterday was Bell “Let’s Talk” Day and the masses, including many politicians like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and celebrities such as Ellen, banded together to raise awareness to “end the stigma” of mental health issues in Canada. For every text, tweet Facebook share and long distance call made, Bell donated $0.05 to the cause.

From a monetary perspective, last years record $4.8 million was shattered. This year saw a total of 109,451,718 “messages.” This includes 3,016,621 Tweets with the hashtag of #BellLetsTalk; 313,151 Facebook shares; and 106,121,946 text messages, mobile calls, and long distance calls by Bell and Bell Aliant customers. Bell states that this is an increase of 14% increase over last year (96,266,266) and as a result donated $5,472,585.90 to Canadian mental health programs. The total investment over the 4-year period that the initiative has been active is $67,515,875.20.

Source: CNW