WIND launches $15/month ‘Unlimited U.S. Roaming’ add-on, gives unlimited data, talk and text

Canadian wireless continues to be interesting. Industry Canada and the CRTC recently announced plans to help “everyday Canadians” reduce the cost of wireless roaming within Canada and today, which is being declared as a “first for the telecom industry,” is WIND Mobile with the launch of an monthly add-on that could be a game-changer to those travelling south of the border.

WIND Mobile announced today that “Canadians can stop worrying about roaming fees” as they’ll soon launch a $15/month add-on that will give customers unlimited data, talk and text across the United States. This new “Unlimited U.S. Roaming” add-on will officially go live on February 3rd and is open to new and existing customers.


If you’re heading to the States, WIND has set up roaming agreements with several large US-based carriers (those details coming later). In addition, from we’ve been able to confirm this add-on, as expected, has their Data Fair Usage Policy in effect. WIND also confirmed to us that the add-on can be purchased one month at a time and there is no minimum monthly plan needed, just that data needs to included.

Mirko Rugarli, CMO at WIND Mobile. “This new add-on gives customers the freedom to stay connected to their world while travelling. Consumers will be able to use their smartphone however they like, without limits: check maps if they get lost; update Facebook and Twitter; send photos of their trip; check the local weather – and all for only $15 a month. No more headaches, no more surprises.”

This addition will certainly capture the attention from competing carriers and 3rd party players. An extra $15/month for unlimited data, talk and text is a solid deal.

Update: This add-on is now live.

Via: Twitter