Apple’s next iPhone may have sapphire crystal displays

9to5Mac has done some great investigative reporting regarding Apple’s manufacturing deal with GT Advanced and its implication on future Apple products. Last year, Apple and GT Advanced partnered to open a manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona, although the stated purpose of the facility at that time was unclear. 9to5Mac is now claiming that Apple plans to use the facility to produce sapphire crystal displays for future iPhones.

Scouring GT Advanced import/export records, 9to5Mac has learned that the company has ordered a significant amount of Intego Sirius Sapphire Display Inspection Tool components. These machines are used specifically to inspect display-grade components, and not for camera sensors or Touch ID-enabled home buttons.

Sapphire crystal displays are very strong and scratch resistant, and would offer a suitable replacement to the current Gorilla Glass iPhone displays. GT Advanced has the capability to produce approximately 100-200 million 5-inch sapphire crystal displays per year for Apple, and a recent SEC filing indicates that the companies are currently in an exclusive partnership relating to “Consumer Electronic Products”, so it’s highly unlikely that this recent investment would be for any non-Apple products.

There are more specifics on the evidence at the source link below. Post a comment and let us know your thoughts on the possibility of an iPhone 6 with a sapphire crystal display.