BlackBerry launching subscription-based ‘BBM Protected’ for enterprise this summer

BlackBerry’s popular messaging service has grown to be used by over 85 million people every month. BBM is now available on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices, and will be coming soon to Windows Phone.

Much of BBM’s history has been focused on the consumer side of quick messaging, which pretty things up with emoticons and stickers, but since John Chen and John Sims came to the helm they’ve been hearing enterprise customers begging for a more secure messaging platform. BlackBerry has read the message and will be delivering the “eBBM Suite” of products specifically designed for the enterprise market.

BlackBerry noted in the press release that “BBM Protected” will be the first solution for enterprise customers to bring “unrivalled level of trust in enterprise messaging with end-to-end encryption of messages.”

“Employees will be able to use a single well-known, well-loved app to connect with internal colleagues under this regulated level of enhanced security, while remaining free to message BBM contacts outside the organization simply and easily with the privacy, control and security that is already inherent in BBM.”

BBM Protected will be only available on BlackBerry 10 and legacy BlackBerry OS smartphones. Seems like BlackBerry will be looking to monetize BBM and stated eBBM Suite and BBM Protected will have a monthly per-user fee (yet to be announced) and will officially launch this summer.

Source: Marketwired