Motorola plans to release smartwatch this year

Given the apparent global mandate for every hardware manufacturer to have a wearable product shipped in 2014, it should be no real surprise to learn that SVP Rick Osterloh confirmed Motorola will release a smartwatch later this year during a Mobile World Congress panel session. Osterloh revealed practically no details on the device, but did state the smartwatch would be built to address “consumer issues like style and battery life.”

Motorla made two of our favourite smartphones last year, and we have fond memories of the failed MotoACTV (pictured above). If Motorola can deliver the smartwatch equivalent of the Moto G (solid features at a low low price), it could the first step in turning around quarters of lagging device sales. But in all honesty, we’d rather the company focused its energy on bringing Moto Maker to Canada.

[source]The Verge[/source]