Mophie’s Space Pack battery and storage case for iPhone now has a 64GB option

One of the coolest accessories we saw at CES is coming to Canada this month, exclusively through the Apple Store.

Mophie’s Space Pack for the iPhone 5/5s will be available mid-March, and unlike previous battery cases from the company, this one adds 16GB or 32GB of storage, accessible with an app. Customers can store photos, music and video files, as well as documents, through the app, freeing up existing storage on the device in the process. While it doesn’t look like files will be transferrable from the internal storage to the Space Pack on the device itself, the added allotment can be accessed as an external drive through a Mac or PC.

In addition to the storage, the Space Pack adds a 1700mAh battery in a pretty compact form factor; it’s the same size and weight as the $99.95 Juice Pack Air. That’s good enough to nearly double the battery life on the iPhone 5 and 5s, too.

The Space Pack starts at $149.95 CDN for the 16GB model, increasing to $179.95 for the 32GB model. While it’s a bit more expensive than just getting a larger-capacity iPhone, the two-in-one functionality should appeal to heavy iPhone users.

Update: Mophie has added a 64GB version of the Space Pack battery and storage case. The price is almost as high as the iPhone itself at $249.95 before taxes, especially when you add in shipping at $31.34. Pre-orders are now available and it’s expected to ship from Mophie on July 22nd.